4 Things to Expect After Getting New Dentures

Getting new dentures can be an experience punctuated with mixed feelings. On one hand, it restores your ability to speak, eat, and smile again. On the other, your gums and jawbone will take some time to adjust to the plastic replacement, so they might not fit in smoothly just yet.

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What You Need to Know about Your First Visit to the Dentist

Christie Dental strives to be your premier dental partner of choice through ethical, fiscal, and social excellence. We want to achieve superior patient satisfaction, so we make sure that your first visit is as convenient and stress-free as possible. Here is everything you need to know:

dentist office

What You Need to Bring

During your first visit for your regular check-up and dental cleaning in Titusville, FL, or the nearby area, be sure to bring your current dental insurance card. You also need your completed patient registration forms, a list of your current medications, and if necessary your X-ray examinations. It is also advisable to arrive a few minutes early to your first appointment, so you can take care of any final adjustments.

What to Expect

When you arrive, our front office staff will greet you and review your forms. They will also discuss the reasons for your visit. We will review your dental needs and concerns. We will also talk about your health history. We will then evaluate and chart your existing restorations and gum/bone support, conduct a head and neck exam, and perform oral cancer screening.

Dental Cleaning and Examination

When it is time for your appointment, you will meet your hygienist, who will review your dental health and conduct a dental cleaning. Then, you will meet the dentist who will perform an examination. This includes a tooth-by-tooth check for decay, a bite evaluation, oral cancer screening, and gum health assessment. The dentist will then discuss the status of your teeth, along with your dental goals. Expect us to answer your questions and discuss a plan for future preventative dental care in Titusville, FL, or any of our nearby locations.

Christie Dental offers early morning, evening, and weekend hours to fit your busy schedule and requesting an appointment online is easy. Dr. Timothy Morris from Christie Dental of Titusville recommends calling us if you have a dental emergency in Titusville, FL, or the nearby area, as well. We offer 24/7 assistance. We have multiple offices and a full staff of specialists and general dentists. Finally, we offer multiple payment options and financing. Call us today to learn more about our services. You can also schedule an appointment.

General Oral Health: Why Preventive Dentistry is Important

The way you care for your teeth today can have a huge impact on your general oral health in the years to come. In fact, preventive dental care can potentially save you thousands of dollars in major dental procedures, including restorative dentistry. Unfortunately, many people tend to ignore the importance of preventive dentistry, saying that it’s something they will address down the road.

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Three Types of Orthodontic Treatments

The benefits of orthodontic treatments go beyond the physical modifications of a straighter set of teeth and an improved bite. By considering these treatments, you can also enhance your self-image. Of course, having beautiful, aligned teeth is important, but it is even more crucial to eliminate potential problems associated with gums and teeth in the process. Continue reading “Three Types of Orthodontic Treatments”