All about Wisdom Teeth and Their Extraction by Christie Dental


Wisdom teeth, or permanent molars, are the large teeth that develop last in your dental arch. If the jaw is too small to accommodate them, they may also crowd other teeth out of position.

Wisdom Teeth

When this occurs, we may recommend wisdom tooth extraction. Dr. Victor Chou, our specialist in oral surgery in Melbourne, FL, discusses this in detail.

What are the Indications?

When your mouth does not have enough room for your molars, yourteeth may get impacted. They may grow at an angle toward the neighboring tooth or parallel to your jawbone.

In any of these cases, their eruption may cause severe pain, infection, or even damage to the adjacent teeth. We may recommend performing wisdom teeth extraction to relieve your discomfort and to prevent other dental problems.

What is Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

This surgical procedure involves the removal of one or more wisdom teeth. By performing a dental exam, we can determine if wisdom teeth extraction will be beneficial for your oral health.

Afterwards, our specialist in sedation dentistry in Melbourne, FL, or any of our locations, will administer local anesthesia on the affected area. This ensures your comfort and decreased pain during the procedure. We will then incise your gums and remove the impacted wisdom teeth.

Afterwards, we will suture the surgical site to promote healing of the gum tissue. Depending on your overall dental health and other circumstances, we may use dissolvable or non-dissolvable sutures.

What Happens After the Procedure?

For the first 24 hours, we may advise you to rest and to eat soft foods. Avoid eating hard or chewy foods to prevent irritation of your wound. To ensure your fast recovery, we advise refraining from strenuous activities or contact sports for at least 1 week.

We may prescribe pain reliever medications. Placing an ice pack against your jaw can also relieve discomfort and swelling. We also advise placing cotton or gauze on the affected site to reduce your gum’s bleeding. The swelling tends to diminish in 2-3 days.

You may gently brush your teeth after the first 24 hours. Gently rinse your mouth with warm salt water every 2 hours and after meals for 1 week. If we placed non-dissolvable stitches, we advise keeping your appointment. Prolonged sutures increase your risk for infection development.

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