Dental Implants Q and A: How They Benefit You by Christie Dental


Having a complete set of teeth is essential to both appearance and function. That is why you should always replace any missing teeth. One option to do so is dental implants, which have been improving the lives of people dealing with tooth loss. In fact, they are the closest thing to natural teeth that recent advancements in dental technology have to offer.

Dental Implants

To help you understand more about this excellent option, Christie Dental, a trusted name in orthodontics in Ocala, FL, answers your top questions.

1. What are dental implants?
They are small, titanium posts that are placed surgically into the upper or lower jaw, where teeth are missing. These posts serve as substitutes to tooth roots. Over time, generally within three to six months, the bone bonds with the titanium. This creates a durable foundation for replacement teeth.

2. What advantages can I enjoy from dental implants? They are a more attractive substitute to conventional bridges and dentures. Dental implants can blend beautifully with your teeth, giving you a more natural-looking smile. This can do wonders for your self-confidence. Since they remain firmly and permanently in place, dental implants also eliminate the need for frequent replacement.

3. How do I qualify for implants? Anyone with a missing tooth can go for this option. Take note, however, that being in good health makes you more eligible for implants. Serious illnesses, including diabetes and leukemia, may interfere with the healing process after surgery. Dr. Yaling Lui at our Ocala Southwest office recommends that you give us a visit to determine if dental implants are a great choice for you.

4. What can I expect from this procedure? Completing the entire procedure will take some time. This varies for every patient. After we place the implant in your jawbone, you will have to make changes to your diet in accordance to the healing process. You might have to wait until the implant completely bonds with the bone before attaching the replacement teeth.

Apart from cosmetic dentistry in Ocala, FL, and the local area, Christie Dental offers restorative dental services, including dental implant procedure. We will help you get closer to good oral health when you turn to us for your dental needs. Call us at (321) 426-1251 or fill out our form to schedule your appointment.