Uncovering 5 Myths about Invisalign by Christie Dental


Misaligned teeth can affect not only your overall health, but your confidence, as well. This problem also interferes with your speech and eating habits. To achieve straight teeth, Christie Dental offers Invisalign in Ocala, FL, and all of our local offices. It involves plastic aligners instead of the usual metallic brackets and wires.

Myths about Invisalign

Although this is a great option, incorrect information about it becomes a source of concern for others. Dr. Mohammed Al Hadithi, from our dental clinic in Ocala Central, uncovers some of these myths about Invisalign.

Myth #1: It costs more than the metallic braces.

With the added comfort and aesthetic appeal of its plastic design, it is an affordable way to correct misaligned teeth. Early correction of your teeth prevents you from undergoing procedures that are more complex, like having dental implants in Ocala, FL, or the nearby area. Our health care professionals can also check if we are participating providers of your insurance plan. We also have promos and special offers that may be applicable.

Myth #2: It is not as effective as wired braces.

Its plastic material works as well as the metallic braces and wires. Impressive results also require the expertise of a dentist who specializes in Invisalign. Our highly trained dentists have been accustomed to dealing with this option. The length of treatment still depends upon the complexity of the alignment correction.

Myth #3: It only works for kids and for minor teeth corrections.

It is actually a great option for all alignment issues, regardless of the person’s age. In addition, Invisalign has greatly improved in the last 10 years. We also perform comprehensive dental assessments to determine if you are a good candidate for it.

Myth #4: It requires too much maintenance.

Regular dental visits are advisable, as any other dental care. This is to monitor the progress of the teeth correction. We may recommend changing of aligners every couple of weeks, but this only takes a couple of minutes.

While traditional braces make eating or brushing cumbersome, this is not the case with Invisalign. You may remove the aligners while you do these activities. It also does not require you to have any dietary modifications. We advise you to brush your teeth after each meal, prior to re-inserting your aligners.

Myth #5: It causes cavities.

We advise you to refrain from wearing your aligners when eating. This ensures that it will not harbor plaque-causing bacteria. We also suggest that you remove them while brushing your teeth. This allows thorough brushing the in-betweens of your teeth as well as the gums.

The success rate of Invisalign primarily depends on the doctor’s level of skill and training. Our orthodontists are experienced in various modes of dental care, from correcting of misaligned teeth to teeth whitening in Ocala, FL, and the nearby areas.

For any questions about Invisalign or other dental concerns, consult Christie Dental. You may also fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.