Straighter Teeth: 4 Key Benefits of Choosing Invisalign

Crooked or misaligned teeth will not only rob you of your smile; they also make brushing them a bit more difficult. Metal braces have been the go-to remedy for them, but they are often less than attractive and can be painful to wear. That’s where Invisalign comes in.

This revolutionary alternative straightens your teeth without calling attention to them. Dr. Natalia Valderrama of the Christie Dental department of orthodontics in Ocala, FL, recommends this treatment because of these amazing benefits:

1. They are Nearly Invisible

Invisalign aligners are made of a clear plastic material, which can remain unseen to the naked eye when it’s in your mouth. This lets you go about your day without having to deal with the consequences of an unsightly metal wire in your mouth.

2. They are Comfy and Convenient

With metal braces, you have a long list of restricted foods, since you will be looking to avoid getting any particles stuck in the brackets. With our invisalign in Ocala, FL, however, you can eat what you want, when you want. Simply take it off, munch away, and place it back when you’re done.

3. They Work Faster than Traditional Braces

Metal braces can take up to 2 years before you can see any noticeable difference; that’s a really long time to wear a wire that restricts what you eat, how you talk, and even when you smile. Invisalign clear aligners can help you get that straight smile in just about half that time!

4. They Let You Clean your Teeth Better

A mouth filled with braces is difficult and cumbersome to clean properly. Brushing is a chore and you can’t floss properly since the wire is always in the way. Invisalign allows you to brush, floss, and rinse your teeth without hassles. In fact, you can also clean the invisalign trays for a perfect sanitizing all around.

Your orthodontist at Christie Dental will determine if Invisalign is appropriate for you during a dental exam. For all these reasons, Invisalign treatment is a great option for adult patients. We also offer dental implants in Ocala, FL, as a one-time solution to chipped, cracked, or missing teeth.

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Dental Implants FAQs: What You Need to Know

If you have lost teeth, one option you might be considering is a dental implant. This dental technique has become so popular in recent years because implants greatly resemble a genuine tooth. Experts regard dental implants as “the next big thing” to a real tooth because they can stay in place for a long time.

That said, although this technique has significantly grown in popularity over the years, many people are still unaware of its topnotch benefits. Christie Dental, the most trusted clinic for oral surgery in Melbourne, FL, sheds some light on common questions about dental implants:

What are Dental Implants?

Implants are artificial teeth surgically put in place of missing teeth. Dr. Ana Roca Cuellar from the Christie Dental clinic in Ocala, FL, recommends dental implants as the best option for people who lost a tooth due to an injury or gum disease. There are two types of implants, according to the American Academy of Periodontology. Endosteal implants are the most common while subperiosteal implants are ideally for patients with inadequate bone height.

What Are the Benefits of This Procedure?

For starters, implants look better than conventional bridges and dentures. Unlike other options, they also help build confidence since they remain in place firmly and permanently. In addition, you can save yourself from additional hassles because you don’t have to replace them many times. You can be sure that you have everything to gain from dental implants, especially when you get them from the leaders in cosmetic dentistry in Melbourne, FL.

Am I a Good Candidate for an Implant?

Generally speaking, you are a candidate for a dental implant if you have a missing tooth. It’s important, however, that you are in good health, since major illnesses can affect whether this procedure is right for you. You also need to have sufficient underlying jawbone to support the implants.

What should I expect from the procedure?

Placing a dental implant can be painful, that why we apply sedation dentistry in Melbourne, FL, during each process. You may still experience some swelling and pain after the procedure, but taking prescribed pain medications can always help improve your comfort. The entire process takes up to eight months.

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3 Things You Can Expect When You Get Dentures

Dentures give people who have lost some or all of their teeth the ability to speak, eat, and smile again. They also help support the lips and cheeks and improve a patient’s appearance. Getting new dentures can be a daunting experience because you don’t know what to expect.

We are here to help. Christie Dental explains the things you should expect from your new dentures.

It Takes Time to Adjust to Your Dentures

As an expert in senior and pediatric dentistry in Ocala, FL, we recommend preparing yourself and your food accordingly. For instance, you can eat soft food like puddings and mashed potatoes during your first day wearing dentures. These are gentle on your gums. You can also try to talk as much as possible to get used to talking with dentures. In particular, practice counting from 65 up to 70. These have sounds that can be hardest to get used to with dentures.

Dentures Need Careful Cleaning and Care

Dentures also need regular cleaning and care for them to stay beautiful. As a specialist in teeth whitening in Ocala, FL, we recommend avoiding abrasive cleaning materials on your dentures. They are not real teeth, so stiff brushes and harsh toothpastes can damage them. Instead, clean them with a gentle denture cleanser. You need to brush your dentures at least daily and soak them overnight. The soaking keeps your dentures in shape.

You Need to Schedule Regular Appointments with Your Dentist

As a professional in senior and cosmetic dentistry in Ocala, FL, we recommend scheduling an appointment with us if you feel any pain or chafing from your dentures. We may need to reline your dentures and adjust their fit. Typically, you need to get your dentures checked every year. After five to ten years of use, you need to get your dentures remade to get a better fit.

Given enough time and care, you will get used to your dentures and enjoy eating and smiling. Christie Dental can provide you the support you need when dealing with new dentures. Our services include full or partial dentures along with dental implants. Dr. Yaling Lui from the Christie Dental Office in Ocala recommends consulting with your dentist regularly about your dentures. Call us at (321) 426-1251 to learn more about dentures. You can also request for an appointment.

3 Reasons to Trust Christie Dental for Your Oral Care Needs

Our full-service Florida practices aim to provide high-quality, convenient, and affordable care to you and your family. Christie Dental focuses on ethical, social, and fiscal excellence. We have a knowledgeable and hardworking team that you can trust with your dental care needs. We also make an effort to engage with our local communities. We also provide a wide range of comprehensive and quality dental care services.

Here are the reasons to work with us:

Our Dental Care Services

We utilize the latest technologies together with proven methodologies to deliver quality care in a comfortable environment, like our dental office in Ocala, FL. Some of our services include preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. We also specialize in periodontal/gum disease, oral surgery, senior dentistry, and root canal therapy. In addition, we can help with dental emergencies. We always have a dentist on call seven days a week to handle after-hour emergencies.

Our Convenient Scheduling and Finance Options

Our dental services in Ocala, FL, are convenient because we believe great dental care should be quick and easy. We have weekend, early morning, and evening hours, so you can fit an appointment in your busy schedule. We have a staff of general dentists and specialists, along with multiple offices. This enables you to stay within the Christie Family and benefit from our electronic dental health records. Finally, we are a preferred provider of most insurance plans. We also offer multiple financing and payment options.

Quality Care and Community Involvement

We firmly believe that dentistry requires a good relationship between the patient and their dentist in Ocala, FL. We respect our patients at all times and we always act with the highest regard to social and fiscal excellence. We also strive to demonstrate a conviction for integrity and honesty. We do our best to be an active part of the communities we serve, as well. We participated in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk and sponsored the local Little League team.

These reasons and more make us the dentists of choice for many families. It is our privilege to partner with you and your family to help you achieve a lifetime of good oral health. Dr. Yaling Lui from the Christie Dental Office in Ocala recommends scheduling a regular appointment. Call us at (321) 426-1251 to learn more about our dental services.