Dental Care: What You Need to Know – Part 3: Dental Discussions – A Quick Dental Care FAQ

Getting professional dental care is great, but it’s also helps to know certain things that can aid you in improving the way you keep your teeth and gums healthy. Here are a few important questions about personal dental care that you should take the time to discuss with your dentist:  Continue reading “Dental Care: What You Need to Know – Part 3: Dental Discussions – A Quick Dental Care FAQ”

Dental Care: What You Need to Know – Part 1: Finding the Right Dentist

If you haven’t had your teeth checked for some time, getting in touch with a dentist ASAP is a good thing. However, that doesn’t mean you should set an appointment with just the first dental professional you see. You need to make sure you’re going to consult with someone that can provide the dental care you need and deserve. 

Dental Visits

Here’s a quick guide to help you find the right dentist for you:

Step 1: Start by looking for general dentistry practitioners. General dentists will be your primary dental care provider, diagnosing, treating, and managing your overall oral health care requirements. If needed, however, they may also refer you to dental specialists.

Step 2: Make sure your chosen dentist has a valid license and has been certified by the American Dental Association. This will ensure you don’t fall victim to fraudulent practitioners who don’t have the skills nor the qualifications to provide proper dental care.

Step 3: Check if a dental office’s clinic hours are convenient for your schedule. Having a compatible schedule means you don’t always have to make adjustments to meet an appointment, giving you one less reason to skip out on your next trip to the dentist.

Step 4: Look for a dental office offering emergency services. You’ll never know when you might have an urgent dental concern so it’s going to be a huge relief knowing that there will be a dentist who can attend to your needs.

Step 5: Once you’ve narrowed down your options, give the dentist’s office a call or take the time to visit before getting anything done. This will help you assess the general environment in a dentist office, as well as the level of customer service they provide, which will help you decide if you want to schedule your next dentist appointment with them.

Quick Tip

Look for a dentist affiliated with your insurance provider. Don’t have one? Don’t hesitate to ask a dentist about the payment options available. Not having dental insurance should not keep you from receiving the dental care you need.

After finding a dentist, it’s now time to schedule that visit. Head on over to Part 2 to learn more about dental visits.

What You Need to Know about Your First Visit to the Dentist

Christie Dental strives to be your premier dental partner of choice through ethical, fiscal, and social excellence. We want to achieve superior patient satisfaction, so we make sure that your first visit is as convenient and stress-free as possible. Here is everything you need to know:

dentist office

What You Need to Bring

During your first visit for your regular check-up and dental cleaning in Titusville, FL, or the nearby area, be sure to bring your current dental insurance card. You also need your completed patient registration forms, a list of your current medications, and if necessary your X-ray examinations. It is also advisable to arrive a few minutes early to your first appointment, so you can take care of any final adjustments.

What to Expect

When you arrive, our front office staff will greet you and review your forms. They will also discuss the reasons for your visit. We will review your dental needs and concerns. We will also talk about your health history. We will then evaluate and chart your existing restorations and gum/bone support, conduct a head and neck exam, and perform oral cancer screening.

Dental Cleaning and Examination

When it is time for your appointment, you will meet your hygienist, who will review your dental health and conduct a dental cleaning. Then, you will meet the dentist who will perform an examination. This includes a tooth-by-tooth check for decay, a bite evaluation, oral cancer screening, and gum health assessment. The dentist will then discuss the status of your teeth, along with your dental goals. Expect us to answer your questions and discuss a plan for future preventative dental care in Titusville, FL, or any of our nearby locations.

Christie Dental offers early morning, evening, and weekend hours to fit your busy schedule and requesting an appointment online is easy. Dr. Timothy Morris from Christie Dental of Titusville recommends calling us if you have a dental emergency in Titusville, FL, or the nearby area, as well. We offer 24/7 assistance. We have multiple offices and a full staff of specialists and general dentists. Finally, we offer multiple payment options and financing. Call us today to learn more about our services. You can also schedule an appointment.

3 Reasons to Trust Christie Dental for Your Oral Care Needs

Our full-service Florida practices aim to provide high-quality, convenient, and affordable care to you and your family. Christie Dental focuses on ethical, social, and fiscal excellence. We have a knowledgeable and hardworking team that you can trust with your dental care needs. We also make an effort to engage with our local communities. We also provide a wide range of comprehensive and quality dental care services.

Here are the reasons to work with us:

Our Dental Care Services

We utilize the latest technologies together with proven methodologies to deliver quality care in a comfortable environment, like our dental office in Ocala, FL. Some of our services include preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. We also specialize in periodontal/gum disease, oral surgery, senior dentistry, and root canal therapy. In addition, we can help with dental emergencies. We always have a dentist on call seven days a week to handle after-hour emergencies.

Our Convenient Scheduling and Finance Options

Our dental services in Ocala, FL, are convenient because we believe great dental care should be quick and easy. We have weekend, early morning, and evening hours, so you can fit an appointment in your busy schedule. We have a staff of general dentists and specialists, along with multiple offices. This enables you to stay within the Christie Family and benefit from our electronic dental health records. Finally, we are a preferred provider of most insurance plans. We also offer multiple financing and payment options.

Quality Care and Community Involvement

We firmly believe that dentistry requires a good relationship between the patient and their dentist in Ocala, FL. We respect our patients at all times and we always act with the highest regard to social and fiscal excellence. We also strive to demonstrate a conviction for integrity and honesty. We do our best to be an active part of the communities we serve, as well. We participated in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk and sponsored the local Little League team.

These reasons and more make us the dentists of choice for many families. It is our privilege to partner with you and your family to help you achieve a lifetime of good oral health. Dr. Yaling Lui from the Christie Dental Office in Ocala recommends scheduling a regular appointment. Call us at (321) 426-1251 to learn more about our dental services.